Finding Inspiration in Formula: 

Mathematical Invention in Painting

This is an ongoing project that unites principles of art, mathematics and computer science in the form of four large-scale oil paintings in the vein of geometric abstraction, invented with the aid of formulas based on the golden ratio.

            The concept of the golden ratio is historically written about in a kind of spiritual context, described as a reoccurring phenomenon of sacred geometry in the universe, connecting the individual to the whole. Many religions and cultures throughout the world associate geometric art with spirituality, like the Hindu Mandala or the geometric patterns found in Islamic architecture and design.

            Drawing inspiration from Charles Bouleau’s The Painter’s Secret Geometry – A Study of Composition in Art, we create geometrical compositional frameworks for the paintings through what may seem like a methodical, clinical process of producing graphs composed with varying applications of the golden ratio.                 The large canvases are mapped out to follow certain patterns that are computationally pre­determined, and then the piece is painted in a way that creates depth and engages the viewer. 

            We aim to demonstrate the creative power of mathematics and computer science and to harness the spiritual nature of geometric art and color in these large paintings meant to inspire visceral, emotional responses from the viewer.