I am using intermedia practices--incorporating painting, video and installation--to invent surreal landscapes and evoke liminal spaces. I present the familiar as strange using distortions in placement and scale, allowing the viewer access to realms or states of being that might be otherwise inaccessible. Viewers are invited to experience the in-between spaces.

My most recent body of work presents multiple thresholds that offer imaginary access to Void-like spaces, and bodily experiences of these spaces that are felt rather than lived. Like standing at the edge of a cliff and imagining, despite oneself, how the ordeal of actually falling might feel. Edge moments like these invite one to live out, mentally, the mortal possibilities presented by the situation. The paintings are not portals, as such, but invite the viewer to experience a thinning of the veil. Together, these works induce liminality, and enact a push and pull of seduction and repulsion that recalls the sensation of edge moments and draws the viewer’s awareness to their experience of place and time. 

My work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions nationally, such as New Texas Talent at Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX; The People’s Gallery, Austin, TX; Terrain Gallery, Spokane, WA; Gspot Gallery, Houston, TX; and The Woodlands High School Art Trust, The Woodlands, Texas.


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